A Rainbow Morning

Between 5:30h and 6:45h this morning I shot 274 pictures and 2 short video clips. I’ll show you several of them shortly, but they require a considerable amount of editing. Although the objects in my pictures are about a foot and a half long, including bills, they were perched high up in a majestic Guanacaste tree, across the street from our house, in an easterly direction against the rising sun and as such barely visible.
Meanwhile, I’m posting my beautiful surprise this morning. At 5:20 h, while I was struggling with the coffee machine, a light drizzle combined with the increasing light of the rising sun produced a gorgeous rainbow.
Looking SW across the gorge toward the next mountain over
Following the arc above the ridge to the West
Being momentarily distracted by a squirrel in the trees below … sorry!
And one more time:
Instead of a Pot O’Gold, my best wishes for a glorious day!

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