A Rainbow Morning

Between 5:30h and 6:45h this morning I shot 274 pictures and 2 short video clips. I’ll show you several of them shortly, but they require a considerable amount of editing, because the objects are only about a foot and a half long, including bills, yet they were perched high up in a majestic Guanacaste tree, across the street from our house, in an easterly direction against the rising sun.
Meanwhile I’m posting my beautiful surprise this morning. At 5:20h, while I was struggling with the coffee machine, a light drizzle combined with the increasing light of the rising sun produced a gorgeous rainbow.
Looking SW, across the gorge toward the next mountain over …
… following the arc above the ridge to the West …
… being momentarily distracted by a squirrel in the trees below …
Instead of a pot o’gold, let see it once more with feeling and my best wishes for a good week for everyone!

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