Another one got away ….

My bad luck regarding avian wildlife photography or birdie shots continues. While sitting at the computer with my husband, reviewing washing machine ratings for our upcoming major appliance purchase, we both heard very loud toucan beak clacking, which really sounds more like the croaking of a drowning toad. We immediately jumped up and stealthily crept outside on the terrace … not stealthily enough.
Toucan exit stage right …
… said Toucan escaping in the gorge below. Darn.

4 thoughts on “Another one got away ….

  1. Tja, nicht schnell genug!!! 🙂
    Aber in diesem Fall ist ja wohl der Kauf einer Waschmaschine wichtiger als ein Tukan!
    Die fliegen doch ständig bei Dir rum, ein washer nicht!!!
    Barry, Du bist total “aussen vor”!


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