The Universe Beckons

Before returning to Costa Rica, our lives were pretty rigidly scheduled and quite nomadic for a while. As we were hopping from city to city, we only stayed in any given place for a night or two. I was rarely able to take pictures during this time, with one notable exception. I promised myself to write as […]

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Adieu My Little Cygnets

As we’re such restless souls, we will depart for the Americas in a few hours time. We’re saying good bye to our lovely new town of Saintes and our home therein, leaving behind Roman ruins, crusty bread, marinated olives, a mind boggling cheese selection and lovely concerts at the historic Abbaye aux Dames.  By the […]

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The Lady on the Cognac Barge

What a glorious day! We’re enjoying beautiful summer days, often right here on our veranda, being entertained by all the activities playing out right below us on the banks of the river Charente and on the river itself, of course.  During the season, the City of Saintes has two large excursion boats moored directly across […]

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