Mini-Post from the Airport in Toulouse

Having logged in at the WiFi Gratuit at our Lufthansa boarding gate #26 at the airport, I now have 27 minutes to post a quick ‘salut, ça va?’ with a few impressions of the beautiful city of Toulouse. We arrived yesterday afternoon and spend some time walking around the city center, before enjoying the best tapas dinner ever. This is a quick glance at this fabulous city:
Just an ox at a corner
The gentleman on the balcony of the ‘White Bear’ hotel is rubbernecking. Some drama requiring multiple emergency vehicles was developing below.
Bilingual street sign in French and Oc
Sunset over the Capitol
Funky birdy in our hotel
That’s it for now, the airport WiFi is so weak that pictures take nearly forever to load. Bye and Happy Thursday to y’All!

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