Ludovico Magno & Hippocrates of Kos, an excursion to Montpellier in three parts

PART ONE   Again we turn back the clock a few months and return to France, where we enjoyed a home exchange in the town of Pézenas, département de l’Hérault [Occitan: Erau] in the Languedoc-Roussillon region last May. While in Péz we visited the préfecture or chef-lieu MONTPELLIER, the administrative capital of the department.    […]

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As longer term readers indubitably noticed, the appearance of this blog has changed. I spent some time today to upgrade my old design and lay-out to a less distracting, yet still distinctive format. I hope, this new face of ‘Not In A Straight Line’ will be easier to use, especially its readability on mobile devices.  […]


Of Judges & Vultures

screen shot of judges’ wig sold throughStanley Ley, Legal Outfitters, Londonhorse hair, hand made, about $2000  Coragyps atratus brasiliensis  Ciconiiformes  [or Cathartiformes]  Black vulture in North America  Zopilote negro in Costa Rica  A small vulture with a wingspan of under 1.5m or 5 ft, it is often still classified with storks and looks like a […]

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