As longer-term readers indubitably noticed, the appearance of this blog has changed. I spent some time today to upgrade my old design and lay-out to a less distracting, yet still distinctive format. I hope, this new face of ‘Not In A Straight Line’ will be easier to use, especially its readability on mobile devices. 
However, it’ll take me a while longer to re-activate a number of click-able functions which either stubbornly refuse to become operational, or have disappeared altogether. Please be patient! For example, it’s no longer possible to click through the photos like a series or slideshow, one has to go back and forth, which is a royal pain in the arse. I’ll work on that tomorrow!
I’d like it if you could send me feedback about minor and major irritations, likes or dislikes. Maybe together we can tweak this in shape!
Thanks a bunch! 


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