Yackety-Yak Jack, Steaming Buns & Ming Dynasty Landscaping

To begin our last week in British Columbia, we invented the hitherto unknown athletic discipline of the Urban-One-Third-Marathon, which consists of walking for a minimum of 14 kilometers, within city limits, within a twelve hour time period. Refreshment breaks are encouraged. At 06:30h we started our inaugural UOTM with an early morning walk, followed by an excursion to […]

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To Broom or To Whisk

On the auspicious day of the 146th Fête du Canada, we began our Vancouver Home Exchange Adventure. In a home exchange, you swab homes (not spouses) and we’re lucky enough to enjoy a downtown apartment overlooking False Creek in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, while our exchange partners slurp maracuyá refrescos at our pool […]

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