Mother Nature Needs You!

I cheated. Yesterday I posted the answer to a friend’s question on Facebook, as if it was my own. It wasn’t. It was Dan’s. The issue revolved around the identity of a most peculiar looking creature. It was postulated to be a living animal and all us former biologists, who are fairly thick on the […]

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An Ani or more

Have you ever seen a Riefenschnabelani? Neither had I. It was just after seven o’clock this morning and we were lounging comfortably, freshly brewed coffee within reach, watching the qualifying for the F1 GP of Abu Dhabi on TV. During the lull between sessions my gaze followed some swift movement outside. In the guarumo tree […]

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Vendor Vindication

Easily sustaining my righteous indignation regarding a certain norteamericano’s unopposed badmouthing [see previous post] of our feria farmers through today, Friday, el día de la feria de los agricultores, I marched off to the market early on this gloriously sunny morning.  Parking is never a problem, if you make it to the market around seven in the morning and I was […]

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