Vignettes de Jour #1

A vignette, being defined as a small illustration fading into the background without a defining border, seems a good title for a short series of occasional postings about this and that.  Let us visit this musical vignette first. A while ago whilst attending to business with our banking counselor at Crédit Agricole Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres, whereby […]

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Walled City Vacation

Our mildly nerve racking move-in was followed by an annoying and completely unexpected termination of city gas services to our house, which in turn was trumped by a highly irritating delay of Internet services. But all this is behind us now and the no doubt amusing stories about these snafus may be retold at a […]

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Precarious Elevator Moves

Moving-in day dawned bright and early with a walk across town from our rental place to our new home, which had passed into our legal possession only 15 hours earlier. First things first, let’s open all the shutters and let the sunshine in. We had prepared for the arrival of our American possessions by applying […]

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An in between Posts Post

Fast and dirty, a teaser toward the posts I would love to write, if I only had the strength. We’re moving into our new place in Saintes, Charente-Maritime, France and between the packing boxes and the chore’s list, we barely have time to breath. Today we drove to La Rochelle for an appointment at the […]

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