No Amber Eyes

A couple of years ago I read “The Hare with Amber Eyes” in which author de Waal softly narrates the fate of the House of Ephrussi, his family. He ties the generations of his forbears together with a richly embroidered silken ribbon, from their origin as Ukrainian grain merchants through the establishment of an aristocratic banking dynasty in […]

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A Little of This and That

(credit see link) see the restored, present day version of the Arch of Germanicus here Sitting at my window perch in a well lived-in armchair, with my laptop resting on a slightly wobbly side table, necessitating to squeeze just one knee under the little table, while the other leg sprawls freely (no pencil skirts in […]

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Lost Posting

So. We have two appointments with Read the above line and weep. It’s all that’s left of a post I wrote and populated with pictures, and which google goblins swallowed without chewing. Since I haven’t posted in over a month, this might have been a just punishment for neglecting my blog and thus my readers. […]

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