and so we fly off into the night …

Only eighteen hours after the moving truck rolled out of sight, we signed the sales contracted for El Rancho Leon and before the ink was dry, began the drive from Kerrville to Austin for one last time. Early the next morning we left Texas for France.
Our flights took us from Austin, TX to Newark, NJ to Brussels, Belgium to Toulouse, France. In Toulouse, we picked up a rental car for the last leg of our monumental trip, the roughly three-hour drive to Saintes, Charente-Maritime, France. The whole trip, starting at about 8 AM Thursday at our son’s house in Austin and terminating at roughly 6 PM Friday at our rental house in Saintes, took us just about 27 hours to complete.
Arriving in wintery Newark
My first time to see the skyline without the towers
Waiting for departure for Belgium in the nearly empty plane. Plenty of space for everyone.

We’re on our way!

After this, there is only the darkness of night across the Atlantic …

 … till breakfast in Brussels.

Our landlords in Saintes greeted us with a nice bottle of Bordeaux, and the little shop up the road provided dinner.
We have arrived!
Next step: 
lots of sleep!!   

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