If All Fails, one must cook

… In Italian ‘sugo’, plural ‘sughi’, meaning sauce or gravy, not to be confused with the Hungarian term súgó, which translates to whisperer or prompter, as in a theatre. Rather it’s a derivative of the Latin ‘sucus’, which means juice or sap. Figuratively it can mean energy, vitality or strength. Full stop. During the process of migrating to […]

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An Eclipse foretold by a Toucan

The morning was young, still only sparsely lit by the rising sun, when a toucan settled in my guarumo tree. The toucan turned on his branch and swiveled his head far to the left to survey the canyon and hills beyond our property. “I like this little valley” he said, “lots of juicy fruit and lizards to feed […]

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The Barbie Curse

I went through my girlhood without the benefit of a Barbie doll. I suppose, I didn’t develop a desire for a Barbie doll, because I missed the requisite early years of Barbie indoctrination by virtue of having had the good fortune of growing up in a country still struggling to feed its citizens after losing WW II. Thus […]

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