Introducing my newly migrated Not-In-A-Straight-Line blog

You’ll find out soon, how my posts zigzag through the world!

The last few weeks were quite a contradiction in high activity and slumpiness. There was an excursion to San José, we booked our tickets for the trip back to France in November, attended a vernissage for the new Painters Association of Atenas and much more. On the other hand, there were lots of back problems, for both of us, culminating in a prescription for a generic form of Lyrica for me, cooked in some witches cauldron somewhere in Uruguay, or maybe Guatemala. I started taking the first dose three nights ago and it really throws you for a loop of dopiness. My doctora wants me to ease into the treatment and allow my body to get used to the meds messing with my brain, so I’m taking only a single dose in the evening for the first week, which also makes the ensuing dizzy- and ditziness less noticeable. Except, yesterday I accidentally took the evening dose in the morning. There I was in my kitchen executing my coffee brewing ritual, when some evil entity kept whispering ‘mustn’t forget the pill, it has to be taken in 12 hs intervals’, so I swallowed the darn thing. Within the hour a mellow fog pervaded my being, explaining the true meaning of Pura Vida to me. I didn’t dare do my usual laps in the pool, for fear of falling asleep in mid-stroke. But we did stick to our program of driving to Escazu and buying a new phone for the house and treating ourselves to a special lunch there. It went amazingly well, I think. I hope. Fortunately I was tethered to my walking stick. It’s a beautiful stick, carved from local wood and the handle is fashioned in the shape of a crocodile snout, like this one in Zoo Ave in La Garita.   55e33-zoo-ave-18-1180787

So far I haven’t been able to learn much about the logistics of this hosting site, which, predictably, drives me crazy. I can’t even get the post lay-out to follow my desires and commands. As I’ll still need more time to learn my way around my own blog. I’ve imported posts from the original ‘Not in a Straight Line’ blog, to give you something to read and look at, while I wrangle this new stuff into submission. For now I leave you with another reptile, a much smaller, juvenile Black Iguana, one of many around our garden.


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