If All Fails, one must cook

… In Italian ‘sugo’, plural ‘sughi’, meaning sauce or gravy, not to be confused with the Hungarian term súgó, which translates to whisperer or prompter, as in a theatre. Rather it’s a derivative of the Latin ‘sucus’, which means juice or sap. Figuratively it can mean energy, vitality or strength.

Full stop.

During the process of migrating to a different host for my blog, I met more technical difficulties than I had anticipated. In non-technical terms that means I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, ending up writing here and there and anywhere in between.

Thus the opening sentences above have already been published once before. Specifically in a post of October 5, 2014, right here:

O Sole Mio

Other October posts, I’d like you to consider reading are:

A Bleu Day

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A Yahrzeit Approaching

I wrote posts in both blog locations during the month of October, doubling up the effort like my picture of the two moons of Arrakis, which was also an unintended technical snafu.

Two Moons Rising Over Arrakis
Two Moons Rising Over Arrakis

To calm things down a little after all this confusion, let’s go back in the kitchen and prepare some much-needed comfort food. It better be all veggies, though, because, on October 19, I attended the seventh annual Oktoberfest at the Balcón del Café right here in Atenas. The article in the link is two years old, but nothing has changed since then in regard to quality and care, Mel still makes the best Kuchen in town! However starting on 10 November 2014, the Balcón will have a new balcony – all new premises on Hwy 3, only 50 m west of the blinking light intersection (we don’t have ‘addresses’ around here, just descriptions).

Oktoberfest consists mainly of beer, some more beer, lots of food & fellowship. Since the Balcón is famous for its cooking and baking, everyone overindulged and then some. Weißwurst (excellent!), Leberknödel (delicious!!!), Leberkäs (don’t know, had to eat all those Knödel & Wurscht), Brezn’brötchen, salads, Sauerkraut, and so forth.

Oktoberfest at Balcón del Café, Atenas, CR
Oktoberfest at Balcón del Café, Atenas, CR

I won’t even mention the desserts. After such an event, one has to put at least a few days of sensible food on the calendar. Therefore I cooked a

Vegetable Stew of Contrition’

Greenhouse product


As you know from earlier posts, I use the Tim Mälzer method of first charing, then oven roasting my tomatoes into submission. This time I added tomatillos & sweet peppers to the mix.

VeggyStew.03-8253 VeggyStew.04-8256

Place the vegetables on a bed of olive oil, sugar, crushed coriander seeds, and a dried Provençal herbs mix, then keep the pan under the broiler until the kitchen develops a slightly burnt smell.

VeggyStew.05-8259 VeggyStew.06-8263

Skin, slice and smoosh the happy participants, add onions and garlic, plus a squeeze of lemón mandarina, a little more olive oil, herbs, freshly ground pepper, and salt.


And just to prove that all this goodness is actually being prepared by my very own hands, in my home, here’s a view from the onions to la carreta under one of my pictures.



After everything is assembled in the pan, add a splash of Balsamico, before it goes back in the oven.


Stew the stew for another half hour or so, but it doesn’t really matter that much. When you’re ready to eat it, either room temperature or hot, it will be delicious. I promise!


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