Stormy Weather

“Land Unter” or widespread flooding is the current situation in my home country Germany – and the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, you name it. Central Europe is drowning and our daily thunderstorms here in Costa Rica are very much routine, compared to the floods overseas.
Nevertheless, we did have quite a storm today. Heavy rains combined with strong gusts of wind managed to release screeching demons assaulting our development and the homes therein. As much as I enjoy a good storm, and, hailing from the Northern parts of Europe where Thunder God Thor delights in lashing the Sea with his furor, I do love noisy natural events. But I don’t much like running around applying assorted towels and wet mops to intruding wetness. Today high winds drove the rain so hard against the mountainside that even our highest windows under the wide, overhanging roof protection were awash in water. Soon water spilled through the channels for our sliding doors, pooling here and there and everywhere.
The drama unfolded right in front of our eyes, across the ever-changing stage set of Costa Rica’s central valley. And also in the side canyons to our East and West which pretty much guarantees a mind-boggling view at any time. Especially in the developing wet season, the constant ebb and flow of dramatic cloud movements are as entertaining as any movie. Well, most movies.
The storm has moved on, everything is peaceful again.  

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