Yanking Bootstraps

Last week, a number of disconcerting events put a damper on my usually happy-go-lucky disposition. Oops, there was a loud crashing sound. That’s Barry laughing so hard, he fell out of his chair, as he was trying to picture carefree little old me dancing through the aisles of life.
One of the problems I’m attempting to handle better is the fact that Barry bounced out of his patio lounger in Casa dos Leones, Atenas, Costa Rica, while I’m moping around El Rancho Leon, Texas, USA. Not so much because I wish to be here, but because the Department of Homeland Security has not yet granted permission to the Statue of Liberty to welcome me with her famous open arms and pull me up to her ample American bosom of Brotherly Love. And until I’m thoroughly hugged and issued a passport, I am not allowed to leave US soil. Additionally, as an extra nasty icing on my cake, my mother in Germany is battling very serious health challenges, which is quite upsetting to all of us.
However, I can neither change, nor alter, nor influence any of the above. But I can change my own approach to this bureaucratic mill grinding at slow motion. Two of my friends, one in Costa Rica, one in Germany, have given me supportive, but firm kicks in the rear. Buck up! That’s the new watchword.
So today, Monday, I began the new week with a fresh attitude. A brisk walk in the early morning got those endorphins flowing and also yielded a few choice photo ops, which will now appear in this space. Remember, light-heartedness is the goal here!
Before I even got started on my walk, this large hare munched her way through our yard, definitely making me smile and feel better already.
Lepus californicus – Black-tailed Jackrabbit [which is actually a hare!]

On my walk, I did get a good work-out but stopping twice to take a few shots which were a great excuse to secretly catch my breath. Everybody knows that in Texas things tend to be bigger, than in the rest of the world. Even the thistles are taller than juniper trees! 😉
But that’s not all. They also harbor a very busy secret insect population.
Have a lovely evening, Y’all! If at all possible without too many bugs 😱

3 thoughts on “Yanking Bootstraps

  1. I love the insects in the thistle! I take photos of butterflies on thistles, but it might be time to look inside.

    Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo is finished soon so you can help her.


  2. What you (and I) like in the hare picture is actually it's SEVERE technical shortcoming. I took the shot not only against the light, but at a distance of 50 yards or so, zoomed, and through a mesh screen. With a little pixel pushing it gives my the feel of an impressionist painting by someone not all that talented. But what the heck, I like it. Thanks!!


  3. I am literally STUNNED by your photographs. The one that struck me most, from a painter of horses and cows' point of view, is the first one of the jackrabbit. I guess it is the muted colors and lines. The last one of the insects in pink and fushia shades has me reeling – I can't paint it! Wow!


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