Fallow Fantasy

Once there was a fawn, inexperienced in the way of the world.
She was skipping happily to and fro, grazing a little, meeting beetles
and dragonflies. Checking for mom and auntie ever so often.
When suddenly … 
MOM, what is that upright thing over there?
It clicks and sparkles …
She must be the devil herself. St. Hubertus help us now!
It’s a female human, little one. They often scare us and they’re
most dangerous, when they carry long sticks that explode.
Really, ma’am, you look horrible, where’s your fur?
Pink and shiny like that, of course you scared that infant.
You could at least have offered some old bread.

No manners, these humans.

One thought on “Fallow Fantasy

  1. Really cool cute story! vielleicht solltest du kinderbücher mit wild live adventures entwerfen. vergess beim nächsten mal das brot nicht und zieh ein grünes, langärmliges t-shirt an. am besten hängst du dir das kuhfell um, tarnung ist alles. schön warm bei eurer hitze :)))!


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