Coca Cola


When we experienced the Great Atenas Power Outage yesterday, we took a quick drive over to Escazu, to run some errands and have breakfast. Strolling through the fashionable MultiPlaza Mall there, we immediately noticed automobiles displays everywhere. The ‘MultiFeria – Modelos 2012’ car show was in full swing.

Next, we saw another mall-wide exhibit. An exhibit very much reminiscent of the CowParade, first created in Zürich, then Chicago and subsequently in many other places in the world. Apparently, there was also one in Costa Rica – I had no idea, but I just found this picture of “Carreta Cow” from the Costa Rica CowParade in San José in 2008. The picture is in the public domain, photo by Alexander Bullio Guillen, uploaded by Albuqui. A ‘carreta’ is a traditional ox cart, which was used to transport coffee from San José to the cargo ships in Puntarenas. Their colorfully painted wheels are a national symbol and touristic marketing item.


The ‘parade’ we discovered yesterday, however, consists of oversized coke bottles. I believe they’re also made of fiberglass and, clearly, they’re decorated by a variety of artists. I haven’t found out yet if they will be auctioned off for charity also, as the cows were.


I forgot to count, how many bottles are on display, but I’d guess maybe 12 or 15. The whole thing is very cheerful and fun 🙂


No, I didn’t touch! Kneeling down for a close-up, I realized that there were little mirrors incorporated in the design of this bottle.


As you can see, our mall is quite upscale. We shop routinely at Herrera, Ferragamo, Tag Heuer and Burberry 😀 !! Actually, I do enjoy a piece of pastry at Illy Café and window shopping at Chiasso, Alessi, and Danish interior design places.

The following was the most extravagant bottle of the show. Quite a remarkable likeness, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Coca Cola

  1. Hi.. thanks for using my ox car cow picture… and yes, we had a cow parade in Costa Rica back in 2008 🙂


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