Be It A Spider or Not

I came across this spider-look-alike today. Eight legs, but there the resemblance stopped. No clear definition of cephalothorax and opisthosoma. Instead, I saw a bunch of funky kneecaps and legs of uneven length. It, whatever it was, moved very fast and tried to hide in a dog chew toy. It wasn’t easy to see it clearly, let alone to focus a camera on its interesting features. In part, because that little guy was also only about 4 mm wide.
Further research revealed my brown and neon green new friend to be a member of the Opiliones order of Arachnida. Not a spider, but a harvestman, or a tropical Daddy Longlegs. Which species is much more difficult to determine, if you’re a layperson since there are about 6500 from which to choose. I’m thinking, he – judging by the carapace it’s a ‘he’ – might be a member of the Zalmoxidae family … possibly a Pachylicus spinatus
Let’s just call him Moxie.

Pachylicus spinatus (?), Zalmoxidae, Opiliones, Arachnida


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