Going to market … in Grecia, Costa Rica

Many people in the US walk or drive to their local Farmer’s Market during the growing season, just as we do Costa Rica. In addition to the Friday morning market here in Atenas, there are several markets in the surrounding municipalities. The market in the nearby town of Grecia has often been praised as one of the best in regard to organic produce and specialty items, like romaine lettuce. 
This past Saturday morning our neighbors took us along to the Grecia market. I wondered, who else might have such a wild approach to shopping, as we have in the Central Valley of Costa Rica?
We start our trip in barrio Güízaro, our neighborhood in Atenas, at an altitude of about 750 m/2 460 ft. Passing through Atenas centro at 600 m/2 000 ft, continuing through barrio Santa Eulalia toward the town of Grecia. There’s road construction here and there, but eventually, we reach this brand new bridge. It’s only one lane and pretty scary, but a vast improvement over the old bridge! Our friend and driver Marcella had no hesitation crossing this river gorge.
Then Marcella worked her way up the switchback road to Grecia, which is located at an altitude of about 1000 m/3250 ft, deep in the foothills of the volcanic Cordilleras Central.
Grecia’s famous red metal church


Down this street, we’ll find the feria or market.

 How adventurous is your trip to the market?




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