This and That

An assortment of random images collected through our recent trip to France.

Our fuel-efficient frisky ride
Dyson Airblades, mais bien sûr!
Relief from les étapes du chemin de Compostelle 
Fish-mongering in les halles de Saintes, Charente-Maritime
Terrible travel tempest
Really? That big.
More than crumbs 🙂
Please, don’t do that to perfectly good beer!! 
Ushuaia, capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.
The southernmost city in the world, or so I thought. 
Forever Marilyn
The Old & the New & the Green – in precise angles
Delightful neglect
Poop bag station
Gazing longingly …
Just around the corner
Cyclops guarding flea-market
The colorful
The bleached
The mysterious
The mighty
And the bizarre
The fish finished their ice cream and left
Venerable Wisteria
Forever the best
Domestic Bliss
He lives
Runs with scissors
Transport du Lait = milk tanker promising future product
Chocolate anyone?
Skinny foundation
Just skinny
Double de l’ambiance agréable
L’ambiance chocolaté
Rock the croc
Evening light with pigeons
Tinted views
Flowery shop
Testing, if you’re paying attention
The last tarte au citron …
… or was it all a dream?

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