Les Sapins de Noël Sont Arrivés

Although creamy sunshine still highlights the autumnal scenery along the banks of the Charente, winter is just around the corner.

Place Bassompierre across the river from us, the area between L’Arc de Germanicus and the glittery antique carousel near Bernard-Palissy bridge is in the first stages of transformation for the Christmas Season.

Do you per chance remember the fountain called L’Arc et O which used to decorate Place Bassompierre? In the hyperlink, you’ll find a reminder of its crystal splash.


Sadly, it no longer exists, having been replaced last Summer with funky, man-sized glowy palm planters and relaxation wheels along a path of undulating astroturf. Let me quickly recap the design of this space at the foot of our antique Gallo-Roman Arch in the pictures below.

I suppose even in the south-west of France winter is winter and contraptions to sleep in the sun need to be stored till the next summer comes around.


After clearing the plaza of its neon decorations, the seasonal preparations took a step forward with the delivery of the sapins de noël, the Christmas trees.


Naturally, I immediately had to take my daily walk on the right bank to suss out all the details.




The public works crew first installed the two smaller trees, before tackling the big one. Fortuitously, the placement of this tall evergreen is close to the Arch, where I could observe the lengthy drama of its installation and decoration from the comfort of my spyhole aka living room window.



Almost like a good old-fashioned Mennonite raising bee, the tree finally stood proudly upright in the last rays of the setting sun. Shortly thereafter peace descended upon Place Bassompierre and its enduring and temporary adornments.


The crew returned early the next morning to finish the job of decorating the roughly 14 m/46 ft tall pinetree.


And the color scheme of the 2015 winter season in Saintes soon became apparent too. It’s lilac!



Purple is one of my favorite colors:


so let’s go with the purple flow and celebrate the season, be it Christmas or Chanukkah or any other festive occasion in December!Xmas.2015-1420264

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