Ballet for three Bulldozers

Introduction – Reading a Facebook entry earlier today pertaining to the Atenas, Costa Rica, (Gentle)Men’s Club. Someone mentioned that one of the prefered activities of that organization is the ballet. Really? I thought, and the following ensued.

Set – A river bank in the southwest of France, decorated with the usual ancient SW Frenchy stone houses, an Abby’s pine-cone shaped church tower, Gallo-Roman wall ruins, and winter-trim plane trees.

Scenery, general – A quiet night, still, no wind movement in foliage or other props. Spotlights: green, pale orange and foggy white, both diffuse through tree tops and utilizing the street lighting in the background.

Scenery, highlight – Dramatic emphasis of stage foreground, including non-moving main character and principal dancers.

Scenery, special effects – reflective surface simulating a river in the front section of the stage,  extending the full length from stage left to stage right.

Main character – Germanicus, a Gallo-Roman stone arch of Crazanne limestone. This is a non-moving character, who, owing to his catalytic presence receives top level Equity rates, akin to a speaking role.

Principal dancers – Triptych of bulldozers, mainly yellow & green in character and always moving in synchrony, if not harmony. They share a non-speaking-role Equity salary between them.

Dress Rehearsal


Opening Night


Applause!! Balanchine would’ve been proud …

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