Ballet for three Bulldozers

Introduction – Reading a Facebook entry earlier today pertaining to the Atenas, Costa Rica, (Gentle)Men’s Club. Someone mentioned that one of the prefered activities of that organization is the ballet. Really? I thought, and the following ensued. Set – A river bank in the southwest of France, decorated with the usual ancient SW Frenchy stone […]

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Spring Has Sprung For Good!

The last two weeks have been decidedly unpleasant, filled with disconcerting news from Costa Rica, compounded by upper respiratory trouble and a case of food poisoning, unpleasantness galore! More about some of the gory and at times frightening details sometime down the road. Today on the other hand was a beautifully sunny, warm and pleasant […]

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Adieu My Little Cygnets

As we’re such restless souls, we will depart for the Americas in a few hours time. We’re saying good bye to our lovely new town of Saintes and our home therein, leaving behind Roman ruins, crusty bread, marinated olives, a mind boggling cheese selection and lovely concerts at the historic Abbaye aux Dames.  By the […]

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