Not much to report,

but I wanted to send out a quick ‘hello’ since I’ve stopped communicating almost entirely with my near and dear. Not because there’s an emergency or some other awful occurrence, but because there’s just plain too much going on – period.

On the other hand, it feels somewhat strange to talk to you, as if I actually knew who the heck I’m talking to. Or, to emulate Sir Winston Churchill, who never committed a single grammatical faux pas in his illustrious life: as if I actually knew with whom the heck I’m talking. I could mention the “up with which I will not put” quotation attributed to Churchill, but I won’t, since most people couldn’t care less, whereas I lovingly collect quotations in my “Quotes and Other Stupid Stuff” file.

Like this one by Quinn, former Governor of Illinois:

One day a peacock The next day a feather duster
Top billing, however, goes to my all-time-favorite quote:
II n’y a pas de plus profonde solitude que celle du samouraï;
si ce n’est celle du tigre dans la jungle, peut-être…
I just plain love this quote, which was taken straight from my all time ever most favorite movie, a true film noir “Le Samouraï” with Alan Delon, when he was young and knackig and simply the cat’s meow bar none.
There are other quotes that have made an impact on me, one way or another. For example the words of 
Henri Michaux:
La joie parfaite. La fusion dans l’amour est la nature. La libération de l’âme.
Which my Grandmother inscribed in a volume of poems, the last book she gave me. The liberation of the soul was a major theme in her thinking. She was not a woman, who tolerated being hemmed in!
Then there is this sweet little quote from – do you remember? – the TV program “Numb3rs”:
‘You can move in with me, but I don’t live anywhere.’ 
Dr. Larry Fleinhardt
Another delightful gem, at least, if you’re a Formula One motor racing fan, as I am, is the following remark by racing great and three-time world champion, Nelson Piquet:  
“Rennfahren in Monaco ist wie Hubschrauberfliegen im Wohnzimmer”
(roughly, racing in Monaco is similar to flying a helicopter in a living room)
Leaving you with the image of rotor blades and high pitched engine sounds, I must go. But I shall explain, why we’re so very busy as soon as I can. Good night and sweet dreams.


2 thoughts on “Not much to report,

  1. das ist mir etwas zu “französisch”! versteh´nicht so viel, habe auch den film nicht gesehen.
    dafür ist der spruch von Piquet wirklich gut!! sehr treffend.
    good night with sweet dreams


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