Emilie and Jessica – so much appreciated!

Today was a traveling day. I had to go to the post office to pick up a registered package with anti-tick stuff for the dogs, followed by a quick stop at my safety deposit box and a rather lengthy visit at the grocery store. Except for some tomatoes, I hadn’t picked up any supplies in two weeks, so it took me a while to wind my way through the aisles picking and choosing. 
The reason I call running errands a ‘traveling day’ lays in the 156 miles or 251 Km of driving it took to accomplish the appointed tasks. We live in the middle of gorgeous nowhere, so acquiring sustenance requiers a little Sitzfleisch. Considering that our high today peaked at 104.5ºF/40.3ºC, cruising in an air-conditioned car isn’t the worst fate!    
Shortly after I got back home, our trusted and hard working UPS guy, Robert, surprised me with a little package. I hadn’t ordered anything – really, I swear!! – so I opened my box eagerly, to find a stack of cards inside. Neither playing cards, nor business cards, but Announcement Cards.
The type of card Side Street Gallery mailed out to their clients, to announce my Summer show.

And now we’re finally on subject.

There are two ladies at the gallery, whom I wish to hug with gratitude. Emilie and Jessica. They handle the nitty-gritty. They deal, with infinitesimal patience, with shipper’s, computer’s and artist’s temperaments.
Thank you both so much!  

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