Virtual Pictures Revealing Themselves

After having bleated and blubbered in this blog for so long, I will, today, not utter a single complaint. Instead, I am preparing to brag, boast and bluster.
Fasten your eyeballs, this post is all about my pictures! Some of which are now being presented at Side Street Gallery in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The gallery owner, Mary Hughes, invited me to hang a selection of my Imaginographs as her Summer artist 2012. Am I happy? Yes! And tickled neon pink! I’m also proud, because Mary is not only a very gifted artist herself, but has shown and is showing the work of many outstanding artists and artisans in her gallery.
Mary is a goldsmith, who, together with her smithing partner Caro-Gray Bosca, creates the most amazing pieces with gold, jewels, and artifacts. I urge you to browse through their collections in the Hughes-Bosca website. Check out their accomplishments also, these two ladies are truly special!
Enough of them, though. Look instead at these lusciously framed canvasses, some in chocolate,
others in fluid gold, which are waiting to find a new home with you.
Or maybe, you’re curious to discover what happened to that coke can, you so carelessly tossed into the woods?
Find out during a visit to Side Street Gallery in historical GLOUCESTER at beautiful Cape Ann. Come for whale watching, stay for a delicious lobster dinner – then take one of my pictures back with you as a memento!

Sadly, there are a few people, who live neither in Boston nor Massachusetts, nor even in New England. I invite all of those lost souls to visit my eGallery at smugmug instead. It’s not the same, I know. But better than not seeing anything at all, right? You can email your questions and you might consider a purchase here also.

PS: I have such problems posting today, nothing works grrrrrrrrr – sorry!!   

One thought on “Virtual Pictures Revealing Themselves

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
    Du kannst wirklich stolz auf Dich sein!
    Ich bin es auch. Meine Schwester hat Ihre erste Ausstellung!!!
    Toll, toller, am tollsten …
    And in such a fantastic gallery!
    Good luck!!!


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