More Rain

So much rain today!! The sun never broke through the heavy cloud layer, not even early in the morning, as is usually the case. The paper mentioned a tropical depression near Honduras, which is supposed to be the cause of all this moisture. It IS the rainy season, well pardon me, green season, but that’s a heck of a season opener! We actually have standing water in the dog kennel … In these conditions we may lose the internet, the TV signal has already been breaking up numerous times – I hope it stabilizes for the next game in the Stanley Cup Play-offs later :))))

Dinner is quietly cooking itself. My fabulous, fuzzy logic, egg-shaped Zojirushi rice cooker is taking care of the risotto (may all you Italians out there forgive me), a local market vendor prepared the burritos for Barry, and I made the salad earlier. Easy. I am, after all, retired. Barry earned those burritos. He was out there cleaning the gutters in the driving rain. Brave man!
One of our neighbors across the gorge is doing a home exchange with several families living in the South of France right now. This is exactly what we’re planning on doing eventually. And now I have to take a break, because the rain stopped and the dogs should go out to do their business, but I have to check for sapos [poisonous toads] first. See you later.

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