“ah man, that is some harsh stuff you’re going through-but i know ya’ll will make it :)”
The above is a quote from my niece Katya, commiserating with us on the upheaval of this past week. We did have some not so very pleasant surprises of a medical nature.
I think it was Tuesday when Barry felt increasingly poorly. What started as a nuisance soon turned into abdominal pain with associated, well, stuff. By evening his pain had reached levels, where he had to switch from ‘I’m uncomfortable’ to ‘damn, that hurts’. So we drove down to LINEA VITAL, the local gringo health service. Linea Vital is a private health clinic cum EMS services. We are familiar with their excellent care and glad to have a 24 h outfit practically at our doorstep.
The Doctora examined Barry and soon came to the conclusion: gallstones! Next morning we zipped on over to Alajuela for an ultrasound. That was an adventure in itself. Our GPS, ‘Mildred’, which has guided us through varying countries over the years, always quirky and opinionated and sometimes even correct, is out of commission. We somehow, mysteriously, lost the CR software. Since Costa Rican people are genetically predisposed against the use of road – or street signs, there are essentially no addresses in this country. Rarely will you stumble across an address, as we know it. Instead, you’re given directions, which anchor the desired location to a known landmark. Known to locales, that is. Our lawyer in Atenas has his office 50 m East and 100 m North of the Courthouse. The ultrasound clinic in turn was located 150 m South of one of the major city parks. We had never before been to Alajuela, but finding the general area was easy. Then we started asking for directions. The first time around the block, so to speak, we drove right past the place. We expected a CLINICA, not noticing the modest clinic front. Then it took us another 20 minutes and about eight more suggestions to get back there. As so many towns in CR, Alajuela Center is entirely composed of one-way streets, which didn’t make the task any easier.
The ultrasound confirmed the gallstones and an enlarged and inflamed gallbladder. It also showed an abdominal aneurysm!! Not good. Super that they saw it – but quite the unwelcome surprise!
Tomorrow more. Bedtime …

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