A Good Day

Picture this. A (more or less) full moon overhead, milkily obscured by racing clouds. Woman (that’s me) sitting on cushy lawn lounger on a tiled terrace. In front of her ripples of crystal clear water in her gently lit lap pool. Beyond, sparkling lights of villages and towns climb up and down the mountainsides like Christmas decorations. Soft breezes caress … We are so lucky! Barry is feeling a whole lot better today AND the Bruins are winning. Life is good.

This past week wasn’t all that good, because of Barry’s surgery and future surgery looming. But Barry came through this first round with flying colors and we’ll tackle the next one, too.
Tomorrow we hope to have workers at our place to fix the roof, which has been leaking since June 2010. Yes, you read this correctly, 12 months ago … ‘pura vida’ doesn’t always work 🙂 cross your fingers! And on Wednesday I will undertake the great adventure of getting my CR driver’s license.
Leaving you with the twinkling lights of Puriscal in my view. Buenas noches, amigos

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