"Grün Satt" or Green to the Max

Yesterday we enjoyed a typical Frenchy Sunday in the town of Cognac, except, we skipped attending mass at one of the many beautiful churches. Being Jewish, we usually take a pass on that particular Sunday activity. Instead, we perambulated at a leisurely pace through the pedestrian zone, window shopping a little here and there. As a small reference of interest, in French ‘window shopping’ is called ‘aller du lèche-vitrine’, which translates to ‘going to lick the display case (glass)’. I suppose if you really drool over the merchandise displayed …
From la zone piétonne, the pedestrian zone, we crossed a major thoroughfare to enter the Jardin Public, the public gardens surrounding the town hall (Hôtel de Ville) of the City of Cognac.
The public gardens presented themselves in sunny splendor, drawing our steps toward an almost overwhelmingly green Spring landscape, with trilling birds and braying donkeys, which ultimately revealed themselves to be avian, rather than equine in nature.
The magnificent town hall of Cognac
Geese and ducks snoozing against the backdrop of the Cognac Museum of Art and the Saint Lèger Church steeple.
Alsatian beer on tap in the Charente 😁

After our long walk through the gardens, we repaired to a bistro across the street from the art museum for our Sunday lunch. After an apéritif of the local Pineau blanc, we chose the specialty of the day for our meal. Roasted lamb shoulder, followed by apple tart. Delicious! After another walk across the old parts of town, we concluded our lovely day in Cognac.


At one time, François’ wet nurse lived in this 15th century half-timbered house.


A quiet corner in Cognac


Just an alley


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