Bowing Practice

He came by early this morning. As he had done a number of times during the last two months. He settled on a branch of our gigantic yellow jacaranda (Schizolobium parahyba), called ‘El Gallinazo’ (chicken-footed: the shallow root system can look like bird feet). Well hidden as he was in the bright green shimmery fuzzy foliage […]

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If All Fails, one must cook

… In Italian ‘sugo’, plural ‘sughi’, meaning sauce or gravy, not to be confused with the Hungarian term súgó, which translates to whisperer or prompter, as in a theatre. Rather it’s a derivative of the Latin ‘sucus’, which means juice or sap. Figuratively it can mean energy, vitality or strength. Full stop. During the process of migrating to […]

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The Barbie Curse

I went through my girlhood without the benefit of a Barbie doll. I suppose, I didn’t develop a desire for a Barbie doll, because I missed the requisite early years of Barbie indoctrination by virtue of having had the good fortune of growing up in a country still struggling to feed its citizens after losing WW II. Thus […]

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Roasted Tomato Salsa – again

There was a great selection of tomatoes at the feria this morning and for roughly 75 cents per kilo, you really can’t pass up such a bargain. Time to make another bucket of Roasted Tomato Salsa! We don’t have fancy, almost extinct, extra flavorful and aromatic heirloom species around here. Just tomatoes, lots of them.  […]

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