Busy Times

“Ihr Lieben Goldigen” this has been my greeting for my far-away family for most of those decades I’ve lived abroad. It was the header in uncountable letters to my parents, those real, pre-internet letters, written on crinkly onionskin stationary to reduce the cost of overseas postage. This very personal address is composed of “My Dears” and […]

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‘La Casa de Los Tres Mundos’ GRANADA, parte 3

Imagine for a moment that we’re still in Granada, still taking in the sights and sounds of Nicaragua, perambulating through the pedestrian zone, hanging a hard right into Calle Cervantes, while impressions of Spanish-colonial architecture inundate the senses. All those three-meter-tall carved doors, wrought iron gates, creamy colors, mosaic glass windows and wooden trim swirling madly in the […]

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Una Excursión Nicaragüense

In the middle of our weeklong home exchange vacation in Nicaragua, we embarked on a guided tour of some of the attractions in our area. Several friends, Ticos and Northerners alike, had raved about a variety of Nica destinations, three of which received unanimous thumbs up: la Isla de Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua, the city […]

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