Friday Again

Good Morning!

Vandal & Otto at El Rancho Leon, TX, 2009
Fog-Scape at Casa dos Leones, CR, 2011

This Friday started quite early, completely unintended. I simply woke up before 5 h and was not able to fall back asleep. Maybe because the dogs were missing. Not ‘missing’ missing, just not in the room. Usually, they sleep near our bed, most often Vandal on my side and Otto on Barry’s side, for some unfathomable reason. Back on the ranch, it’s reversed. Last night, though, Otto slept on the little rug in the office and Vandal chose the rug in the living room.

It’s great fun watching the early morning fog weave in and out between the hills and valleys. To observe the hillocks, hills and mountain ridges emerge from the night’s shadows, becoming more and more sharply defined with increasing light levels, as the sun, not yet visible, rises for a new dawn. The ever-changing fog-scape guarantees that the view from our house is never boring. Fog is such a plain word, yet the object it names is rich and varied. Sometimes I think in German. Rarely in full sentences, but terms or expressions pop up. ‘Nebelschwaden’ is one of them. When you pluck Nebelschwaden into google translate, you’ll get fog back, just f-o-g. Boring! Nebelschwaden, whereby Nebel stands for fog, and the ‘Schwaden’ part, which is also a term for certain wild Grasses clumping about near flowing Waters, may indicate anything from veil, curtain, haze, shroud, gossamer threads, screen and more. It’s a thoroughly romantic, descriptive word, very Schiller-ish. German is great in that regard. It’s sad that contemporary German has become such an awkward mishmash of English expressions with German endings, even when a perfectly fine German word exists. I know, I know, language always adapts to its time, globalization and all that stuff. It’s still sad, to ruin Goethe’s lovely prose. And I don’t even like Goethe!
Anyway, time to continue with today’s chores and pleasures. Feeding the dogs some tripe with rice and yogurt, washing some bird poop out of a hand towel, I stupidly used, to wipe Vandals paw, collecting garbage for the bin, meeting a friend at ‘La Carreta’ [see below] for coffee and swimming my daily laps.
Hasta luego, have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Again

  1. Claudia,

    I will add a link to your blog on my sidebar. I don't usually become a “follower”. If you want to know about visitors to your blog, there are lots of free blog counters available. I am currently using Google Analytics, but am not overjoyed with it.



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