Once more urban art: Graffiti


Miami, the Graffiti Trendsetter!

I like graffiti. No, it’s much more visceral than that. I’m drawn into the images, they mesmerize with their three-dimensional, yet comic-bookish graphic style. I’m riveted. On one hand, I’m sorry to see graffiti go mainstream. On the other hand, it is most definitely an art form and as such deserves recognition.

Here in Atenas, we’re pretty graffiti-poor, we have more traditional murals. But recently in San José, I passed by some graffiti riding in a car. Not the best condition to take photos, but there was no other option. Check out some of the resulting pictures in my SmugMug gallery.

Since we’ve had an absolutely abysmal week, that’s all for today. Hasta luego y Happy Weekend!

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