A Personal Note …

… as opposed to all that impersonal stuff I send out into cyberspace from this page. Never mind 😁 I just wanted to send Y’all a little ‘Hi, there’ and a ‘Thank you’ for reading my musing. Not that I know for sure if anyone is actually reading anything. I only notice that a number of people known to me, and unknown entities as well, open the posts in this blog. As far as reading goes, oh well, I can hope, can’t I?
I thought, today I’ll show you a glimpse of what my alter ego, Photolera Claudinha, likes to do. She snaps pictures, most often of little-things-that-move. Bugs are good, anything creepy crawly. Sometimes she herself moves, for example in a car or bus, while the clickable objects remain stationary. Either way, that shutter clicks a lot! Then comes the upload into a computer and long, delightful hours of fun puzzle work to change, alter, tweak and twist those pixels, until she sees something developing, which puts a smile on her face. 
As an example, let me introduce you to Ms. Automeria.
Automeris metzli, Saturniidae
She’s a silkmoth caterpillar of the Saturniidae family, who, on Monday, October 24, 2011, at 12:47 PM showed up on my kitchen floor. That’s not a very healthy environment for a caterpillar to be perambulating, as huge humans could inadvertently crush you or dogs could maul you – not quite as accidentally. Quickly, I let her wiggle onto a paper towel instead.
From there she crawled on my black, polished granite counter top, and things got interesting, photographically speaking. Sensing a darkish object against a dark background, the camera activated its automatic flash feature, resulting in an over-exposed, bleached, useless photo. 
Or was it? Pushing the settings, changing the colors and swirling the whole thingy a couple of times, produced a dreidel spinning, blue and silver Chanukah image. At least in her mind, it did. 
I hereby send you her card with my best wishes for a lovely Holiday Season and a healthy and happy 2012, including my hope that I’ll see you again soon, right here. 
The Hannukah version


The Christmas version


Pura vida!


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