My Space Time Continuum and Immigration

I am completely baffled by all those missing hours in my days. As a pensionada, a retired person, could one not expect to have days stretching out endlessly, blissfully? Shouldn’t it be difficult to fill all those work-free hours with activities? Instead, the hours of my days are shrinking into mere minutes, while that second-hand on the dial of life is speeding up in insidious ways. Poor old Euclid would rotate in his grave …
There’s not even enough time for the stuff I enjoy most, my pictures. I’ve followed Emeril’s catchphrase and kicked my photo galleries up a notch, turning the whole shebang into a SmugMug ‘pro’ gallery. And now I can’t find the time to get my site ready to offer pictures for sale – bummer! But soon, really soon. Watch this blog for the Grand Opening!!
These days, there’s one tiny little extra thingy keeping me occupied, studying civics for my upcoming interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Department of Homeland Security, who’s gran jefe occupies one of the sixteen cabinet-level positions advising the President (question 36). Question 47 asks for the current Speaker of the House and he gets me in trouble every time! The Speaker’s name is John Boehner. I’m German. That makes the guys a ‘Böhner’ in my book. Everyone else, possibly even he himself, pronounces it ‘Bainer’. Oh, those pesky cultural differences! But I have to praise the USCIS for being very responsive and proactive in handling citizenship applications. Even before they cashed my not insubstantial check, they issued a letter of receipt, also called a Notice of Action, verifying personal data and issuing a number, with which I was able to register online for email status updates and, hang on to your seats, mobile messages!
But one does have to take breaks now and again, right? This week we celebrated a friends birthday with a great party featuring superb haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus, Linnaeus 1753) caught by our hosts in Alaska this past summer. We also discovered a terrific new restaurant in Junction, Texas. Well, we were told about it and it’s really a fun place. A winery and bistro, where we enjoyed a selection of cheeses, cured lamb, wild boar sausage, funky pestos and very nice Texan wines – we chose a Petite Sirah and a Lenoir. Should you plan a trip out West on I-10 toward Fort Stockton, Alpine or even El Paso, do stop in Junction and visit the ‘Junction Rivers Winery‘. You won’t regret it! More about the Junction rivers, the North and South Llano, some other time. They’re worth a visit as well.
Since I can’t bear to post without a single picture and because I miss my little doggy in Costa Rica, here’s a picture of Otto, when he was still on the ranch last winter.

2 thoughts on “My Space Time Continuum and Immigration

  1. Thank you Claudia ~ we remember you and your husband's visit vividly and the wonderful conversation about Costa Rica and other adventures. Thank you also for telling others about Junction Rivers Winery and our bistro offerings. Our goal to create a place for people to meet, relax, have great wines and food is being realized. We appreciate you so much. Please come see us again soon.
    Jeanie Brosius King and Joe King


  2. I understand about no time for photos, but my life will get easier eventually, with more art time.

    Good luck with your test/interview. You mean it isn't Bonehead?


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