A trip to France

Lately, we’ve turned into some sort of geriatric globetrotters, or should that be totterers. After having returned from our trip to Santa Fa only a couple of weeks ago, we now find ourselves in Europe. Specifically in France, in the lovely town of Saintes in the department of Charente-Maritime. To learn a little more about this gem, you might also click on their tourism site ‘Saintes et la Saintonge‘. We’ve been in our vacation home rental or “gîte” for one pleasant and sunny day now, and I’ve gathered a few impressions to show you. Since we’re pretty solidly jet-lagged, I won’t have the stamina to actually write a report, before I fall off my chair. So, I’ll just post these first pictures and be done:
Love this graffito near our house
A half a block further, this view over the town awaits
Cuttlefish …
… fresh sardines …
… sea snails …
… razor claims …


… Charentaise bread, hundreds of cheeses, wines and vegetables from artichokes to white asparagus can be found at the Saturday produce market near the church.

We brought a modest selection home for lunch …
… our tranquil courtyard.


An afternoon walk brought us to this slightly larger garden at the mayor’s office, hidden behind …


… this ancient coach gate.

Saintes, a contrast of the contemporary and the time-worn.


sushi bobble-head manga in a restaurant window


gently overgrown mosaic sidewalk




Bonne nuit, mes amis!

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