A Final Santa Fe Gallimaufry

It is time to turn our minds toward our return journey home. But we can’t leave this city behind, without posting a medley of random pictures, illustrating the great time we had, exploring Santa Fe. Looking back, there were so many beautiful vistas, encounters and experiences that it’s difficult to make a selection.

‘Keshi’ means Hello!
A particularly enjoyable venue was the Zuni Pueblo Co-op store, our first  encounter with Zuni art, since we visited their pueblo many years ago. 

a gallery of Zuni kachinas
and many cases of Zuni fetiches
One of the turquoise mountain lion fetiches was especially beautiful. Mountain lion fetiches always show the tail curled across the back. They represent leadership that is felt, but not seen. Mountain lion medicine helps to guide, set boundaries and give the strength to lead by example.


And then we followed the siren call of a Fat Happy into the William&Joseph Gallery. Yes, a Fat Happy. An artist named Barrett DeBusk creates these sculptures that make you happy by just looking at them. Another artist represented at the W&J is Karen Z Haynes. I promptly fell in love with her work. She is an amazing painter and I wish, I could afford one of her still lifes or landscapes. The William&Joseph Gallery is filled with beautiful and enticing works, but her paintings really got to me.    

That gallery visit made us thirsty, so we crossed the street to check out El Farol, one of the oldest restaurants and meeting places in town. Come on in through the mysterious curtains.

Initially we settled down at the bar, to have a drink and maybe a snack. But after we had perused the menu a little, we quickly changed our minds. A table, please! 

We were led into a colorfully decorated dining room, one of many in this maze of rooms and court yards, to spend the next couple of hours in blissful epicurean pleasure. Allow me to linger for a moment …


At El Farol, even the service areas are decorated with murals. 

One can only hope, the long walk home through the bustling streets, illuminated by the setting sun, helped with all those Spanish calories! 

Earlier in the day I had come across this antik store and workshop. The old tile and wood work were such charming eye catchers, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.

what’s reflected, what’s window display?
The views through the old screen, leaning against the window, reveal:
the carousel horses are for sale!                                         
But our time in magical Santa Fe had come to an end. It was time to leave adobe walls against the deep blue sky with a tiny crescent moon, to leave the wooden beams and wrought iron gates for the long drive home.
We set out on a very stormy day. There were high wind warnings all the way from Santa Fe, through Albuquerque to El Paso, Texas. Especially El Paso! Sand was pounding the side of the car relentlessly, sounding just like heavy rain on a tin roof. Fierce gusts were shooting tumble weeds across the freeway at canon ball speed. At times we might as well have been participants of the Dakar Rally across the Sahara Desert, it seemed. We were pretty darn happy to reach the ranch after a strenuous 12 hs drive.
There’re mountains somewhere out there …

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