Thank you, Sweethearts!!

This post isn’t going to be interesting or entertaining, let alone relevant for the majority of our assorted humanity out there. It is, however, important to me. And I believe the rest of the krüppelige Verwandtschaft [those addressed will know what I mean] might like to read it.

The last few days I’ve been in Garland, Texas. Garland has always had that small-town, almost rural feel to me. A typical Texas town located just outside of the ever sprawling Big City of Dallas. This makes Garland a suburb of Dallas and as such a part of the immense Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington-Metroplex area [roughly 7 million people], while it’s also a city in its own right, with a population of nearly a quarter million. Proving all over again that nothin’ ever ain’t small in Texas!

My brother and his family, but especially some of his in-laws have lived in Garland, Texas, for a mighty long time. The ups and downs of their family histories have been recorded in the flow of the nameless creek, running in its limestone bed close to their homes – and occasionally flooding them.

Since I’m currently on my first ever “grandma visit” in Austin, Texas, I had the perfect opportunity to drive the 200 or so miles up to Garland to spend a couple of days with my brother, the rest of the family up there and Napoleon, Foxy, Callie, Merlin, Dark & Skittles, the line-up of family critters.

As I was searching for a small, rustic item with Texas character to bring back to France with me, we explored our options in local antique stores after lunch one day. The most interesting items were unfortunately too large for current air travel regulations.


For example, this lovely, yet mildly bizarre two-toned family group with handless Thor in Heidi braids would indubitably enjoy living on our veranda overlooking the Charente river.


Just your average warning sign in Texas, USA.


Such a fun, oversized roadrunner lawn ornament. We don’t have a lawn, so there goes that idea!

My reason for writing today, however, is to extend a humongous “Thank You” to my late sister-in-law’s sister Melora and her husband Dean and their daughter Alana for their splendid hospitality. I was spoiled rotten and couldn’t have had a more comfortable and warm and loving stay in their home! You guys rock!!!

Two nights ago, we got together for a delicious shrimp dinner, celebrating the rare occasion to be able to gather around a table enjoying each other’s company over a delicious meal.

Our lovely hostess Melora
The rest of the cast: Alana, Dean & my brother Charles with Melora
Host & Hostess are working hard …
Garland, Feb 2016
while the guests are goofing around!
The rest of the crew is arriving: my niece Calista and her bf Chris
The three fashionistas: Alana, Calista, Melora


Never forget to showcase the food!


Mixed greens with vegetables and avocado, topped with candied pecans; mashed root vegetables [potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips]; grilled, buttered cabbage quarters; grilled shrimp. We ate so heartily that Skittles and Dark had to turn away in disgust.


Again, thank you so much!!

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