The Rocks, Sydney

Every day we went on walkabouts discovering the city and her people.



Don’t you just want to rescue that pretty old thing?

Once we even met a queen.

It has to be said, though, our balcony view were priceless!

And when a friend flies across a continent to welcome you, that’s pretty priceless as well! My mate from boarding school, way back when we were teenagers, came from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to visit with us for a few hours. She knows Sydney well and we walked through the CBD to the historical The Rocks neighborhood, while she pointed out the sights and sites.


When I expressed delight upon seeing these ibises in an urban setting, however, I got the typical Aussi response. They’re a nuisance, like pigeons.



Harbour Bridge



Underneath Harbour Bridge – center: the 61 m tall chimney stack of the 1902 electrical power station behind the 1909  mining museum, now the Art Exchange. Left: the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Sydney Cove pier, Circular Quay. 



I came across this mural copied from an iconic picture of Brown Bear Lane when we were perambulating in The Rocks after lunch. The Rocks is the oldest settled neighborhood in Sydney. The linked blog post about this unique area was published in 2010 by the webmaster of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority.


View across Circular Quay harbor from beneath Harbour Bridge toward Sydney Opera House and beyond.

Germans in Sydney, what can I say …


Thanks, Gaby!

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