Sydney Sign Off


Sydney pano, taken from the rooftop pool terrace of our building.

As we’ve done upon leaving Melbourne, let’s create a little collage of impressions and moments of our two-week home-exchange in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Sunset-Zoom from our terrace, looking WNW toward Anzac Bridge across Blackwattle Bay, roughly two klicks as the crow flies.
Central Station [trains & busses] front right, Sydney Airport and Botany Bay horizon left, about 8 Km straight south from us.
Zoom over Sydney Harbour toward the North Head cliffs and the Tasmanian Sea.
Romantic half-moon/sunset view over Hyde Park and St-Mary’s Cathedral nestled along the eastern edge of the CBD, the Opera House shells straight ahead.
Doesn’t get any kitschier … but I love the cranes!

One day, a red balloon came calling. It was a little nervous and bouncy and didn’t stay long.

A few hours later two balloons arrived.


It was late in the day and they seemed deflated in spirit, so they stayed, huddled together, through the darkness of night.


Australia speak ain’t easy. Eight ‘O’s, really?
The Cathedral Church and Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Mother of God, Help of Christians – commonly referred to as Saint Mary’s – in all its Gothic Glory. My tourist postcard, luxury edition. Sorry, couldn’t resist 😇
“On the Cathedral Steps” or “Looking for Thomas More”

Did you notice the slightly bored Innocent Bystander on the left? The Husband. The ever-patient husband, who spends half of our outings waiting for me to catch up, who is constantly being told to either step aside, stand back or move over. I want to thank him very much for his tolerant attitude! And I am grateful to assorted global municipalities for installing so many benches for him to rest his weary bones while I’m busy clicking away, completely unmindful.

In the picture above, the lower one of the two white high rises in the center was our building. We spent two glorious weeks in the posh penthouse apartment. Since it rained so much during our stay, it was wonderful to have such a large, comfortable place in a central location with immediate access to public transportation, as well as close-by marketing.

The one place in Sydney, to which we paid only a cursory visit. We were always sidetracked on the way over. I bet it’s gorgeous – our loss.

But we never missed a tree throughout the city, it seems.

Amidst all this chlorophyll, we’re signing off from Sydney to meet you again on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Breath deeply, my friends!



3 thoughts on “Sydney Sign Off

  1. Thank you, Mike! Since you’ve been to that part of the world many times and know it well, your words are especially meaningful to me.


  2. What a thorough, thoughtful and in-depth look and opportunity to see Sydney as few of us have. Thank you!!!

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