Sadness Fighting Anger

I weep for my fellow man for not being able to acknowledge the seriousness of our condition. Humanity is in a mortal struggle against a virus, and we just deny, we just ignore its power?


You object to anti-CoV-19 vaccinations?


You rebel against masks?


How stupid are you?

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve seen every conceivable quack spread her or his deadly nonsense on the internet. I noticed osteopathic professors and faith healers of all types trying to sell, yes, SELL their crooked wisdoms to you, thus augmenting the utter craziness of the true conspiracy theorists as well as those charlatans and vicious liars of the extreme right.

Sadly, too many of you are falling for it.

These loudmouths, driven solely by self-interest, have blinded you with their repetitive narrative. Do you not understand that the virus doesn’t give a shit about your political affiliation? That it doesn’t care about your religious believes? The virus does not care about you, period. The virus just wants to invade your respiratory tissues to choke you to death so that IT can survive.

You, on the other hand, CAN take action against the deadly activities of this virus. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, even your kind of goofy neighbours across the street, you can wear a mask. Want to be a real hero?


Hello to all of you out there. I just found the above in my draft folder. I must have written it late at night after hearing overwhelmingly bad news about SARS-CoV-2 variants and the irrational complaints and pouts of my fellow men. I’m usually a mild-mannered, quiet observer of my environment, but the persistent nonsensical quibbles regarding anti-covid regulation are driving me to the limit of my tolerance.

Were there really ~200K protesters against the Health Passport in France this weekend? La Liberté is threatened by a piece of paper? But what about fraternité, the moral obligation to care for your fellow man, eh? When did that fall by the wayside?

I give up. I’m done preaching to the deaf. You want to die? You want to join the stark mountain of four million corpses piled up against a blood red sky? Go ahead, I dare you.

Meanwhile and although I know it will be useless, I beg you to act responsibly, wear a mask and get vaccinated. Above all, get vaccinated.

I beg you for my children and my granddaughter.

I fear for them. I fear for them greatly.

4 thoughts on “Sadness Fighting Anger

  1. Liebe Claudia, Mein Englisch ist unterirdisch. Kannst du mir bitte den 1. Abschnitt übersetzten?!

    Mit schönen Grüßen von Bine/Sabine – bitte bleibt gesund, vernünftig und auf Abstand



  2. Bravo, Claudia!

    I really think it’s time to ban hospital admissions of unvaccinated Covid patients. It’s simply a resource drain and they made this choice consciously.


    Tim Jackson (310) 849-3901



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