A Norwegian Cruise 10

Part Ten: Sea Day

Twelve hours into our sail toward the Lofoten archipelago, we awoke in a sparkling world of blue and white. The Norwegian Sea was clearly on her best behaviour!

We had a late breakfast in our suite with bagels, cream cheese, and lox. Afterward crocodile stick and I roamed the ship for exercise and photo opportunities. Aft, we stopped in the Panorama lounge for the splendid view and a fortifying drop of champagne,

followed by a peek in the library.

Then we made our way to the top deck for some breezy maritime action. On this deck, the Silver Whisper had starboard and port passages running amidship forward, merging as a viewing balcony above the bow, encircling the glass-enclosed Observation Lounge. On the port side was a parallel indoor passageway terminating in the lounge.

Port passage on the 10th deck, looking forward.

As you can imagine, it was pretty windy up there, which, combined with the crashing waves was plain exhilarating.

Lovely wave action in the Norwegian Sea 🐉

The Observation Lounge had all the nautical information of the Silver Whisper in real time, as well as a whole library of non-fiction.

On my way back to our cabin, I took this shot of the midship staircase and its intriguingly patterned carpet. Most public areas were outfitted with this design.

A Turing pattern?

Back home,

I got comfortable on the balcony for our historic crossing of the Arctic Circle.

Come along! We’re crossing into the Arctic Circle!
Of course, there was no actual Polar Plunge!!!

This eventful Sea Day stretched well into the night. As a matter of fact, I don’t think it ever got really dark.

Roughly 21h / 9 PM
Going on midnight

See you in Leknes in a few hours, good night for now.

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