Vignette de Jour Nº5

A short vignette today, simply to present this morning’s Toucan pictures to adoring Toucan fans around the world … or something like that. I’ve been suffering from Toucan obsession lately and after publishing these, I hope to make room in my birdly preoccupied brain for other models, preferably stationary ones. So, here’s my colorful friend Ramphastos sulfuratus, […]

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Of Brown Birds and White Clouds

Yesterday we were awarded with vigorous green season action, a preview of the weather we usually experience in September and October. Our rainy season has been dryish around here so far this year, and dangerously dry in many other Central American regions. Farmers and ranchers are facing serious trouble with harvests; and procuring feed for […]

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Viñeta con Pajarito

Way down in the jungle, where dangerous terciopelo* lurk near a river no one has ever seen, a birdie plays hide and seek with me.  Where are you? Come around, show your big beak.Oh, there you are, nice! You’re so pretty and colorful, a pleasure to watch. Come a little closer, please! Maybe another time. I’ll be […]

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