Vignette de Jour Nº5

A short vignette today, simply to present this morning’s Toucan pictures to adoring Toucan fans around the world … or something like that. I’ve been suffering from Toucan obsession lately and after publishing these, I hope to make room in my birdly preoccupied brain for other models, preferably stationary ones.

So, here’s my colorful friend Ramphastos sulfuratus, a Keel-billed toucan, on one of his early morning one-minute guarumo fast-food forays. At 07:54:43 he is calling for his buddies, but they didn’t show up today.

Now you got to be quick and pay close attention:
A slight turn to the right

he’s looking straight in the camera for a fleeting second,   

before he turns on a dime and hops up into the foliage

He scores some fruit by

and flies off into the wild blue yonder with his prize by
Actually, the yonder was more green, than blue.

PS: this is the toucan croak

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