The Case of the Nebulous Nestlings

And the mystery continues. Our first clutch of swallows this year had to cope with their dead father, sticking upside down in their midst à la Edgar Allen Poe, while mother fluttered helplessly about in agitation. Now the entire second clutch disappeared overnight. What evil lurks on my porches in the darkness of night? I need not […]

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Chirping dangerously close to the edge

There are four hatchlings, not three, as previously surmised. Passeriformes, Hirundinidae, Hirundo rustica, Linnaeus 1758Barn Swallow As in past nesting years, one’s a shrayer (second from left, picture above) or Schreier, depending on language preference, while his meeker siblings, in their eagerness to merit a morsel, are in constant danger of toppling out of their nursery. Is there anything […]

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