Walking About – Part Three

[continued from “Walking About – Part Two] I never realized how much I click the shutter release until I started this third part of my little twenty-minute walk home from physical therapy and saw, how many pictures I had accumulated … Anyway, after our encounter with the deer late in the last walkabout post, we’re […]

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Walking About – Part Two

[continued from previous post “Walking About”] This timeworn front door caught my fancy as I turned from Rue Saint-Saloine into Rue Saint-Vivien. It’s not ancient, maybe from the 1940th, and it hasn’t been well maintained, but I think it shows that the original owner gave some extra effort to beautify his or her home. I felt […]

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Walking About

My new Frenchy family doctor prescribed physiotherapy for me to try to get a handle on my persistent back and leg pain. A physical therapist is called a kinésithérapeute in French, quite the tongue twister! Mine is located in the quartier Saint-Vivien, the neighborhood around the church of Saint-Vivien. This is also the neighborhood which […]

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