A Change of Picture – A Change of Language – A New Beginning!

Today is Sunday, Jan 23. Heute ist Sonntag, der 23. Januar, 2011.

Ab heute werde ich hauptsächlich in englisch schreiben. Ist einfach bequemer. I’ve lived outside of Germany for far longer, than in it. Just makes sense to use the language everyone else around me also uses. Let’s fit in, shall we!

My new avatar is a self portrait in cobald and gold, that came to me, after a good friend in Oldenburg called me ‘Photolera Claudinha’. A little joke on the Brazilian pistoleros, all that gung-ho picture taking, I guess!!

And speaking of pictures, today I want y’all to enjoy an album I just put together. It has some landscapes of Monument Valley and sites near by, which I took 2009 on a trip with my husband.


Let me know, what you think, ok?

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