Weather Patterns

Anyone who has a chance to see Werner Herzog’s movie “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”, do not miss it! As I’ve mentioned before in FB, I saw slides of paintings from other French and Spanish caves at a paleoanthropological symposium years ago, which just blew me away. Most of these caves are now closed to the public to preserve the prehistoric art for future generations, so none of us will ever be fortunate enough to see the real thing, but I’ve read that the Herzog film is a more than adequate substitute.
In Costa Rica this morning all is quiet. I was so tired last night that I turned the light out around 9 PM and slept like a gorilla, waking up to overcast skies. Something we don’t see that much early in the morning. But in CR, as everywhere else in the world, we notice the subtle and not so subtle changes in climate and weather behavior. Owing to global media, we’re all aware of the increasingly violent weather patterns. Floods, tornados, and droughts appear to come in Micky D super-sized packages, causing deaths and destruction across the planet. Our ‘green season’ used to be a predictable, daily rhythm of sunny mornings, afternoon showers-to-heavy-rains for two to four hours, clear and refreshingly cool evenings. These days, you never know when it’s going to rain and the downpours can be frighteningly heavy.
One of our dogs gets pretty rattled by weather-related noises. The poor guy is sensitive to particular frequencies, which include gunshots, thunder and the machine gun like patterns of fat raindrops on a metal roof. He can’t help himself, he just panics.
I have to leave you now, to go to my book club meeting. To sweeten the farewell, here’s a picture of some attractive fog in our neighborhood. I guess it will show up on top of the post, since I never figured out, how to attach at the end. ¡Hasta luego!

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